Engineering the
Digital Assets Market

Our Enigma Trading System is a cutting-edge machine-learning and AI trading model.
models trained
daily trades
models in production simultaneously

Enigma predicts and trades digital assets 24/7 for fund investors.

Our automatic trading system uses the latest AI technology, powered by machine-learning, to trade on all major exchanges and markets, on varied granularities.

Internally developed by our experts and their deep understanding of data science, AI and machine-learning, our predictive digital asset trading algorithms power some of the world’s largest alternative wealth management funds.
Remove the pressures of manual trading

We’re changing the digital assets landscape

Reduced Risk

Unlike holding crypto meaning when the price goes down, investors lose money, Enigma profits from volatility, uncorrelated to the price of crypto.

Higher Returns

The Alpha-seeking strategies of Enigma generate above-average returns by adapting quickly to market changes to make right forecasting and trade decision.

Market Agnostic

Make profit in both bull and bear markets. Enigma’s models trade all major digital assets with uncorrelated returns, increasing  opportunities for investors.

Powering Award-Winning Digital Asset Funds

Dedicated Team

Leave the technicalities to our team, on-hand for monitoring, debugging and manual interventions, round the clock.

Easy Integration

Our API seamlessly integrates with funds to ensure 24/7 automation, making digital asset trading simple and accessible.

Continuous Evolution

Our scientists and researchers are on the pulse of market changes so that you can evolve with emerging trends.

Driven by tomorrow

Since 2017, our team has continuously and relentlessly developed the Enigma Trading System - a robust and autonomous model that uses machine learning and market data analysis.

Our story

Collaborate with us

We’re looking for researchers and software engineers with proven expertise in data science and time series forecasting, as well as a passion for digital assets and quantitative finance. Partner with us or join our team full-time.